måndag 22 februari 2010

sergei esenin

Suicide note;

Goodbye my friend, goodbye
My love, you're in my heart
It was penalty that we should part
We're united by and by, united by and by
No hate left to endure, it was nothing

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye.
My dear one, you're in my breast.
This predestined parting promises a meeting ahead.

Goodbye, my friend, without hand, without word
No sorrow and no sadness in brow.
In this life, dying is no new
But living, of course, isn't novel either.

Goodbye, goodbye, my friend, within my bosom dear.
This parting ruled by destiny, a meeting means somewhere.

Goodbye, my friend, no hand, no word, don't draw your brows and grieve, in life to die is nothing new, it's nothing new to live.

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye, goodbye.
You are in my heart, as evidence.
Our preordained disseverence predicts reunion by and by.

Goodbye; no handshake to endure.
Let's have no sadness-furrowed brow.
There's nothing new in dying now
Though living is no newer.

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