fredag 25 juni 2010


tom ford eyewear fall 2010

le délire de négation

"The Cotard delusion or Cotard's syndrome or Walking Corpse Syndrome, also known as nihilistic or negation delusion, is a rare neuropsychiatric disorder in which people hold a delusional belief that they are dead (either figuratively or literally), do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. Rarely, it can include delusions of immortality.

The syndrome is named after Jules Cotard (1840–1889), a French neurologist who first described the condition, which he called le délire de négation ("negation delirium"), in a lecture in Paris in 1880. He described the syndrome as having degrees of severity that range from mild to severe. Despair and self-loathing characterize a mild state. Someone suffering the severe state begins to deny the very existence of the self. In this lecture, Cotard described a patient with the pseudonym of Mademoiselle X, who denied the existence of God, the Devil, several parts of her body, and her need to eat. Later she believed she was eternally damned and could no longer die a natural death. She later died of starvation."

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torsdag 24 juni 2010

onsdag 23 juni 2010

DIY coffins

"Nothing to do? Then just build your own coffin. Not ready to die? Build one for a loved one.

Available at Barnes and Noble in the “Oh Dear God” section."

tisdag 22 juni 2010

the door to hell

"The ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed, leaving a large hole with a diameter of about 50–100 meters. To avoid poisonous gas discharge, it was decided to burn the gas. Geologists had hoped the fire would go out in a few days but it has been burning ever since. Locals have named the cavern The Door to Hell."

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it's in the water baby

söndag 20 juni 2010

caroline trentini

Photography : Fabio Bartelt
Model : Caroline Trentini
Magazine : Caderno Ela


Förmodar att bilderna tex kommer från dokumentären som visats på tv4 ett antal gånger.