söndag 29 januari 2012

adam kalkin - kalkin house

"Adam Kalkin created the ‘Kalkin house’ as an exhibition space for the Shelburne museum in Vermont.
When it originally opened in 2001 the home was named ‘Collector’s house’ and showcasing pieces form
the museum’s vast collection. Today the home has a new curatorial purpose as a gallery for contemporary
design. The structure is made from three shipping containers, located inside a large steel shed. The containers
make up the two bedrooms with ensuite washrooms and a study. The outer shed features a double story
garage door opening on both sides to open up the space to the outdoors. At the western end the shed has
been extended to create a protected outdoor area which is enclosed with large curtains made from sail material. Inside there is also a large kitchen area in the centre of the home with steel staircases on either side. "


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